Project 10 Challenge Winners April 21, 2014

Congrats to this week’s Project 10 Challenge winners with ViSalus! All these ppl have won $1,000 each for losing 10lbs or gaining 10lbs of lean muscles. PLUS they won the free t-shirt of “I Lost it and a kid won” or “I Built it and a Kid won” AND they also helped feed a child in need to get healthy with 30 meals. These kids are obese, and also being bullied and these winners are also helping the kids win too! way to go guys! Want your chance to win $1,000 just for losing weight or gaining muscles? Want your chance to help these kids in need get healthy too? Want your chance to get recognition, celebration, and a free t-shirt? How about you do Project 10 Challenge and do just that asap! and 



Project 10 Challenge video 10th Challenge video

The Body by Vi Challenge.

here’s my Project 10 Challenge video

my 10th Challenge

Day 1/90  here’s my starting video.

As real as can be.

Who needs to lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscles?

Just think about it!  As you do, you’re helping a child in need get healthy too! A child that is suffering from obesity get healthy too!    There’s so many kids in need that need our help, and they can only get it from us taking action and taking care of our own health!


If you can go to a fast-food restaurant and super size your combo meals just to donate 50 cents to help diabetes cause, THEN surely you can accept the Challenge for Project 10 Challenge and do this, because our shakes costs less than $2 a shake /per meal.    I know you can afford that, and PLUS if you get it for FREE then it’s definitely worth it!  and

Hina’s World: Project 10 Challenge -April 21, 2014
Challenge accepted. I’m challenging you to do project 10 challenge with me. If you have any flubber flabs like I do, more than 10lbs then this is perfect for you to do along with me. Do you accept? Let’s go!


Project 10 Challenge Day 88/90

The Body by Vi Challenge.

123lbs ooooh great, now is that muscles or is that fat? I’m seriously trying to see if there are any changes in my body, now there has to be some changes cuz my size small pants wont stay put or on, and keeps slipping and im up pulling them up every few mins hiking them up like u know and ppl r like are you ok? Yeah i’m fine, pants just wont stay put cuz vi-’s working! oooh yeah! project 10 challenge is working! ooh yeah! but is that muscles im gaining here, or is that fat? so im wondering, waiting. thinking ok. who is going to read this journal of mine anyways?
so here it is; 124.6 with clothes on, no clothes and all i weigh myself in 123 ok so 1 pound less for that.hmm ok. check
then 52.0% water. is that a good thing or a bad thing? I know last week I was at 55% water now it’s 52, ok i’m lacking in water intake. must have been the cold the last few days. check
28.7% BF, is that a good thing or bad i dont know. but I still feel the love handles on my tummy, muffin top. and don’t know if that’s muscles or fat.
feeling it, and feels big. ok. but
I can feel muscles in my arms, and shoulders, can feel the tightness in my thigh areas. yay check.
7905 steps today oooh yeah i need to do some more walking and less talking :D
3.4 miles oooh yes lots of running around the block, errands, and all. check
2119 calories burned. oooh that’s intensive, and only 900 calories was that of the intensive FuZion workout class I usually go to weekly or now twice a week. and the rest of it was through other work in the house, carrying heavy boxes from one room to another and here and there. :) this is good.
ok. so who will read my journal here besides me?
my 9th 90 day challenge ends in 2 days. :( ooh boo!
I will start a NEW one immediately, no day to rest, and usually go to celebrate so hmm. thinking. my kids said they wanted chinese, so i guess that’s my cheat moment. then back to starting it up to pack in 10lbs of lean muscles, and trade that 10lbs or 20lbs of fat for muscles. that way i can really help 1-2-3 kids maybe also get healthy too!
continue health improvement, continue on where i am going. yes. all mindset. ok. that’s all for now.

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