Hina’s World: Project 10 Challenge -April 21, 2014

Challenge accepted. I’m challenging you to do project 10 challenge with me. If you have any flubber flabs like I do, more than 10lbs then this is perfect for you to do along with me. Do you accept? Let’s go!


Project 10 Challenge Day 88/90

The Body by Vi Challenge.

123lbs ooooh great, now is that muscles or is that fat? I’m seriously trying to see if there are any changes in my body, now there has to be some changes cuz my size small pants wont stay put or on, and keeps slipping and im up pulling them up every few mins hiking them up like u know and ppl r like are you ok? Yeah i’m fine, pants just wont stay put cuz vi-’s working! oooh yeah! project 10 challenge is working! ooh yeah! but is that muscles im gaining here, or is that fat? so im wondering, waiting. thinking ok. who is going to read this journal of mine anyways?
so here it is; 124.6 with clothes on, no clothes and all i weigh myself in 123 ok so 1 pound less for that.hmm ok. check
then 52.0% water. is that a good thing or a bad thing? I know last week I was at 55% water now it’s 52, ok i’m lacking in water intake. must have been the cold the last few days. check
28.7% BF, is that a good thing or bad i dont know. but I still feel the love handles on my tummy, muffin top. and don’t know if that’s muscles or fat.
feeling it, and feels big. ok. but
I can feel muscles in my arms, and shoulders, can feel the tightness in my thigh areas. yay check.
7905 steps today oooh yeah i need to do some more walking and less talking :D
3.4 miles oooh yes lots of running around the block, errands, and all. check
2119 calories burned. oooh that’s intensive, and only 900 calories was that of the intensive FuZion workout class I usually go to weekly or now twice a week. and the rest of it was through other work in the house, carrying heavy boxes from one room to another and here and there. :) this is good.
ok. so who will read my journal here besides me?
my 9th 90 day challenge ends in 2 days. :( ooh boo!
I will start a NEW one immediately, no day to rest, and usually go to celebrate so hmm. thinking. my kids said they wanted chinese, so i guess that’s my cheat moment. then back to starting it up to pack in 10lbs of lean muscles, and trade that 10lbs or 20lbs of fat for muscles. that way i can really help 1-2-3 kids maybe also get healthy too!
continue health improvement, continue on where i am going. yes. all mindset. ok. that’s all for now.

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Project 10 Challenge – Day 84/90

The Body by Vi Challenge.


I did not realize this, that I could post my timeline, my challenge timeline on my blog here too.  I just discovered the + button and said, all this time I could have shared it on my blog instead of copying and pasting it that I could really let loose and let out my emotions or passions about how the challenge has been for me this past while.   FANTASTIC!

yes I’ve said it!    And best thing is I can share this challenge timeline to my friends publicly on FB or anywhere else for that matter OR I could keep it private, which is ok too.   but I rather inspire others so they too can feel the need to share or write about it rather than sweeping it under the rug.

this is one of the biggest killer today, so why hide it and pretend it doesn’t exist.  It exists and the more we discuss it, the more we become aware of it, the more we become aware of it, the more steps we take to eliminate it, and do what we can to improve our lives and our health better and healthier lifestyle, which I always tell ppl these programs are not DIET, no, it’s not temporary to take care of your health and life as a temp thing,but as a life long commitment you make to yourself but also to your family and others to inspire them to do the same.

because you only get 1 life.

now don’t break out in the song but you can if you want cuz if that’s what inspires you, motivates you to do it then do it  1 life, 1 love.  :)

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