Prank Calls

What is with prank calls?

What does anyone get out of prank calls?  What entertainment, or pleasure do you find in pranking someone, other than that you have obviously nothing better to do with your time and life?

I have received thousands of calls over the years, whether it’s from someone playing those prank dare jokes, or an initiation prank, or annoying telemarketers or annoying, cowardly other people.  I do not know which is more annoying but it’s just irritating to go through that.

You might be wondering why I’m writing about this, well I received 8 long-distance prank calls this morning.  They were NOT telemarketers, just callers calling yet blocking their numbers from being seen.  I just have to ask why?

You know the type of calls, the heavy breather types that go “HU HU” on the phone and you can hear the noises in the background, the outside noise, and this heavy breather on the phone.  Of course you hang up, and guess what?  They call again, and again, and again.    They are obviously having fun, and obviously I’m not as I have better things to do which is why I felt I had to blog about it, to share to see whether anyone is just as annoyed as I am about it.

Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Prank Calls

  1. ibyisaliamom says:

    We have caller ID, sometimes you can tell if it’s a telemarketer call, or a phone number you don’t recognize. Other times, there will be no number, it’ll say “private number”, “unknown”, “unavailable”. That’s when you know it’s either a telemarketer and they’re blocking it because you’re on the “do not call me list” yet they’re violated it by trying to hassle you.

    OR it’s one of those annoying prank calls you get from someone who obviously does not have anything better to do with their time, and someone like an ex or something that is obsessed and is spending all their free time in dialing your number and hanging up, just to hear your voice, and to breathe into the phone with the heavy breath of a perv or something.

    Don’t have the actual proof as I’ve said the number is unavailable, yet if it rings triple times you know it’s a long distance phone call, somewhere from way way over there. And usually if you pay attention to the voices/noises in the background, if you hear other voices talking, then you know it’s a business services.

    But, if it happens to be still quiet, and you hear other noises such as outside noises of cars honking, and donkeys braying, and cows moo’ing, you know it’s somewhere far away with farm land close by, and traffic up high.

    Just annoyed with the calls that come in, and I’m sure this weekend, and other weekends will pop up with those same annoying messages.

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