Iby writing

Iby writing somethingIby is sitting next to me, writing something.  I do not know what he’s writing, yet I ask him and he replies with, “You took a video of me?  Will this go on Youtube?”

But, of course I smile and then he goes, “I know you wouldn’t put me on Youtube, I’m not that famous enough.”

To which I say, “that’s not true.  You’re famous enough with the daff.”   and then some.

So, he looks over my shoulder, or technically beside me, as he leans on my shoulder and lies on my shoulder remembering “old times”.

I was showing him some pictures of himself as a little baby,  and he was saying how “cute” he was back then.  Which means he obviously doesn’t think he’s cute anymore.

That’s ok.  He might think he’s handsome rather than cute, or would rather be referred as handsome, or good-looking than “cute”. Cute sounds so pink, and babyish.  Then again, he’s telling me now that he’s not that good anyways.  But, I know he’s just being modest.


SO, he sits next to me at 1:40am est, which he should be techincally asleep, as so should I.

Yet, I’m looking over some notes and jotting them down, as he says, “It’s SUMMER vacation.”

True, it’s summer vacation.   yet, we all have to turn off the lights soon, so here is a few extra minutes to jot down what you need to jot down, while I blog this.

Yet, don’t be too surprised if I end up randomly taking your picture, and blogging about your summer vacation experience, maybe this blog or your other one will  catch your adventure.

As Iby notes in this final part, “Wow Mommy!  You can write a lot, and I’m not as fast as you.”

To which I smile again, and reply, “Practice makes perfect.”

To which I do not think he heard me so, leave it at that.  😀


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