It’s real late do you know where the children are?

Ever hear of that famous line, of it’s past 7′ o’clock or 9 o’clock or 10pm, or midnight, with do you know where your children are? or OUR children are?

There’s a poem about it, nursery rhyme that mentions that they should be fast asleep.

Yes, they should be.  At least most kids at a young age should.  I do not know for the ones that have reach into their adult-hood and on their own or not on their own, yet adult-hood to make their own decisions about their own lives as it’s their lives.

As much as we would like to protect our children from the dangers, the real “DANGERS” of the world, and possibly harm, and discrimination, harassment and such.  It’s really hard for them as children to understand the consequences of that or as to why we’re making it all a huge deal.

My sons were addicted to this online adventure game.  I allowed them to play it as I checked on them from time to time.  But, when it came to chat, I said stick to the game.  As young as you are, stick to only chatting with other members about the game itself, nothing personal, no maybe, no if’s no buts, just the game.

If they ask you where you’re from, what school you go to, how old you are, or where you live, where you’re from, anything like that, your email, your contact info, anything, it stops right there.

Despite they were sticking to that I felt that they should just stick to the games that are chat-free.  As unfair as they find this, and unreasonable because they say it’s just a game and it’s blah blah fun and the people are not like that.

How are we to know?  Honestly, and genuinely how are we to know they are not like that, if we do not know them?

Yes, we should give them the benefit of the doubt.  But, this is the INTERNET and these are children.  I feel perhaps maybe they should have admins on board to keep things in line.  Meaning, maybe even have this sort of adventure game just geared towards the children of that age, with proper supervisor and verification, even if it’s by phone to say, you are who you say you are.


Meaning, child A wants to play certain game on certain site, he signs up.  Make sure registration policy says to verify that parents must email an OK or verbal phone, or skype it that the child is using it not them.  


I really want to emphasize the trust in them, and I basically told them as much as I trust them and love them.  I did not want them to use that game and especially chat until further notice.

On saying that, I’m trying to find alternative means for them to learn about Internet, computers, and be “in sync” with their peers, and classmates and relatives and such.  Especially we’re living in such a society in where all these young children, know their stuff.  It’s surprising some of the lingo my children managed to learn in 3 months that it’s easy to see how they easily memorize these things, and how vunerable it can be if it happens.

Insha’Allah though they have kept at bay, and kept off as they’ve expressed that they appreciate the concern, with a hug and a kiss, and that they appreciate that we do take the time to let them know, in which I told them look on the bright side, you’re here.  Some don’t get that here chance, and some have had the dangers of internet talk, I still get it and I’m 34 and been using it since 1994 so 🙂  

On further more, 🙂   I feel my children know where they should be, now, and a few hours ago, and the hours ahead.


And, in the morning to focus on their other activities to start off their summer, a basketball net with a basketball outside, a huge yard to play in, the park, friends to hang with, ride a bike, skateboard,  plenty of options, visiting friends and such.

Anything to keep their minds absorbed, busy, and just plain distracted to not focus on that.

As for me, the same.  To keep my mind absorbed, busy, and distracted to get through it all.



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