It’s only Fair

IsaWell, you’ve seen the one of the older one.  Now here is the middle one.

He gave me a hug as I came in, unpacking my bags and setting up my books and papers on my work-station =my bed.

He asked me if I wanted a neck massage, I nodded and thanked him for it.  I said for that, you can sleep in here next to me if you like.  He agreed happily and I don’t know what it is about my bed, that these kids seem to fall asleep within minutes.  Sure, they’ll talk, and talk, and talk about their day, and all these questions that they have and all.  But, when it’s time for them to close their eyes, and sleep.  They’re asleep within minutes and it’s amazing.

Look at how comfortable he looks, and sleeping so soundly and secure.  I think I sleep like that too at times, but you won’t be seeing any picture of me crunched up like that unless I find any childhood pictures for you to compare.

Now I have to get one of the youngest to show you her sleepy like state too, and compare the differences, and the similiarities between them all.


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