I’ve been working all week long.

Today is my ONE day off where I’m currently not doing either of the two jobs.   One of my online jobs though, I’m still working on compiling a HUGE list so if you have a business that you have online, like a website whether you’re selling hijabs, or books, or artwork something of that sort, let me know and I’ll add you to the pile of the HUGE list that I’m working on.   

I have work tomorrow for the entire day, and I have my final exam this weekend, yup I know on a weekend yet that was the only day I could squeeze in with working and all.

It is quite busy, yet I’m looking forward with going forward.   As for the kids, the boys have their grad for their memorization coming up too this weekend, and I’m hoping that they’ll play the daff and sing a few nasheeds as I’m pushing them too  and they’re getting older and feeling the sense of shyness and modest which is nice, yet I’m telling them to quit stalling and get up there and sing to your heart’s content lol.

I also have my other work this weekend which I’m hoping to do and get it done, just hope I can run the errands and manage to keep my sanity and do my studying for my final exam, and hope I do well on the final exam too.



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