My kids and my cousins are addicted to this Adventure Quest game, that they stumbled upon months ago.

Upon first hearing about this Internet game, I didn’t seem to mind.  Until, I heard my son, older one describing to me conversations he was having with people from all over.  That’s when I decided he and my other son needed the “talk”.  Yes, the Internet safety talk, of dangerous of do’s and don’ts and what’s ok, and what’s not.

As the days passed, I started becoming concerned with that as we decided not to let them use the game until I could further investigate, because basically it’s a game in where you as a player go on different tasks, quests, stories and solve mysteries as you fight monsters, bugs and such with other team players and all.  

As I went to look into the game I saw there was a page called Parents Page in where it gave the safety precautions of the game.   I thought about it some more letting them know, they could play it but under conditions.

And these were the conditions;  

they were to play the game at certain hours, during the day…morning time was fine..or after school.       even before bed was ok….but nothing late, late…like past midnight…

but then it got to me that some ppl that played with them were from the other side of the world.  I mean, if I go on a certain discussion board, or other site.  There’s just not people in the U.S. or Canada.  But, there’s people from the U.K. and from Australia…so the same would apply here too you know, and for someone like me that’s used the Internet for say 15 years, you’d think I’d figure it out by now…duh!  err!

So, I told them to just be careful, and not to answer too personal questions and they would know if it was too uncomfortable.  And not to answer such personal questions like where they live, not asking the country you’re in, or state like or whatever….but people that would ask for email addresses, or phone numbers to keep in touch.  People that say they want to hook up, or meet up or something like that.  I said please..ok. guys….

I’m trusting you, I’m giving you these times to go on and play these games so you can learn, yet I’m also trusting you with the thing that you know better and will take care of yourself in these times.  I’ll still try to supervise you, monitor you, but I don’t want to be those paranoid moms that look over your shoulder 24/7 and I also want to let you play, explore it and have fun.    I want to give you that time to do that you know.

So, as the weeks pass slowly and my younger son’s chat has been enabled because he’s under 13, and even my oldest is under 13 yet his chat is also limited to certain things that they can say and do.

So, the weeks pass….and pass…..and the days.   The summer is here, and my kids, my cousins, all play this game.  They’re highly addicted to it, as they rave about all the mysteries they’ve solved, and the quests they’ve ventured on, and the stories they’ve helped ended.


They begged, pleaded and kept asking me to “CHECK IT OUT!”  Not just necessarily check out the site in the Parents Section for their safety.  But, check it out in the sense of joining and seeing for yourself just how highly addictive the game can be.

So……….   I join just for the humor of it, the sense of it, and see how it goes.      I joined yesterday, or now it’s two days ago and I’m already 4 levels up.   That’s the underestimatement of it.   So, I guess that means I’m hooked?

NO!    Far from it.  I’m still starting to know the place, and the area.  It’s a HUGE place, with different servers and different sections, and places.   There are hundreds of users on at once, and say anywhere between 10-15 of them all trying to solve one mystery, or quest together as we battle the monsters together, some will come and help you along the way, with getting from one place to another and helping you out.

Just to know you they say, and some are genuinely nice, like really playing for the sake of playing.  But, some are just not sure the word to use to describe them.   I said to my sons, to be careful still, and as they looked at some of the comments made to me, they asked in surprise, as to what they meant.  I said don’t worry, they’re just being how they’re being.  This is what I was talking about, warning you about, to stay away from.  THIS is why I said not to really go on.  Yet, I was told when people get like that.  I can always chose to ignore them, or even report them if things got kinky,perverted and such as this wasn’t a place for that.

Especially since it was geared towards all ages, young as 5 years old and as old as 90 years old, on the rules.   But, still.  You know, you still would want your kids to be safe on there……and anyone in general.  

I also like to be honest while I’m on there playing the game, and if people are honestly going to ask me how old I am, I’m going to tell them honestly, yet say truthfully that my sons are on here too, and that’s why I’m here.

Now, that’ doesn’t mean I’m going to share with you my player name or their player’ names.  No, you missed the point if you thought that.  This also doesn’t mean I’m saying to stay away from there, not safe at all.  I’m still investigating it, I usually like to give things a chance before I review it, and give my 411 on it.   

So, as I still look into it, I say with precaution just be where you can be, and go where you can go, and be safe.  With all the other places you go to and know the do’s and don’t,s to just pay heed to that and keep it safe.

Play it safe…and most of all have fun playing safe.

And if your kids happen to be playing this game, let them know there is someone there to keep an eye on things, to make sure their kids are protected too, because I really would like my kids to be protected and not put themselves into a dangerous situation.  Yes, they can monitor and report, and ignore the user.  But, you still want to protect it from happening, and I rather rate the place they’re in, than not and regret it for not knowing better to keep them safe.

so that’s my 2 cents.


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