iftars at masjid part 2

Yes, the kids running around with no discipline other than “kids will be kids” excuse.   I always ask my daughter and my older boys to bring along a book or two, and drawing material to keep them busy and sitting in one place.

I find that my daughter ends up sharing her books, and drawing material with the other kids.

The other day, we were at Children’s Place getting clothes for the kids, and my daughter had this huge bag of elastic bands.  She ended up handing one band to each kid in the store, just to keep them busy with it.  It was funny, these kids were trying to give it back to us after they were leaving, and my daughter kept saying, “keep it, we have lots.  See?”  lol, showing this huge bag of elastic bands.

And last night at the iftar my daughter gave a piece of paper to all the kids sitting there with her, and handed them some markers, pencil crayons, crayons and told them to sit down and color there.   It was funny again, as the other moms commented that she was a very social person, friendly, and super-nice in sharing and such.  I said it all depends, on her mood.

Yes, my parents mentioned to me that there were two crowds of people, one is the people that come for the meal, the other is the people that come for the prayers.  You can see that the number of people that come for the prayers is smaller than the people that come for the food, which shows the sadness of the community to people’s cheapness, lack of, not sure how to describe that…but I’m sure people will say they’re going to other masjids that have better taraweeh salahs, but no iftar dinners which is why they’re here, and off they go.
Insha’Allah with words like this, we can try to make a change.  If enough younger generation kids speak up, and out perhaps we can stop this cycle from continuing.

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