Reminder:Ramadan is still Here..

For those of you that may have forgotten, Ramadan is still here.

Where we should be biting our tongues until it hurts and refrain ourselves, restrain ourselves, bind ourselves from committing something that can be used against us on the Day of Judgment.

Is it worth the risk?   The chance.

It’s still Ramadan, a reminder here for those have have forgotten and continue to berate, and harass, and annoy others with their thoughts, and ignoring their own abuses and faults.

Allahu Alim.

I have turned that chapter of my life down.  It’s sitting there on that corner shelf.   I have closed it, locked it, refuse to take out the key to re open it just to not dwell on it, or think about it.

That part of my life is over, it has been a year and almost a half.  I’m over it, and I’m way up there high, already strong, and not ready to let anything happen to me, nor to my children.  They’re my life.  

I might have not shown that before, but I’m responsible for them, their well being, their care, and I’m the one that struggles with jobs one after another to put food on the table for them, and make sure they have all that they need.  I provide for them clothing, and I’m the one that got them the “back to school” supplies, and spent almost every single dime and nickel on it.  I sacrificed a lot of my own “spa needs, and days” just so they can have what they need.

They know, and love me for it, and they know of all the struggles, and sacrifices that I have done for them and realize what it is.

I’ve told them time and time again, it’s Ramadan guys, pay heed to that, and remember that.  Take on that blessings of that month, and realize this is the time the Shayateen’s are chained, and everything is of our own nafs.  Everyone, everything that happens to us in an evil thought of way or whatever, it’s out of our own…..    not from their whisperings as they’re chained up..and can’t….that’s what is so great about this blessed month.

and if there are people out there spending that time, this time, in harassing others, annoying them because of the sickness in their mind and heart, it’s an excuse…   not something Allah will accept…

I’d do anything for the kids, protect them, as I love them.  I wouldn’t want to do anything to mess up their brain of thought…esp since they’ve gone through a lot this past year, and have been in counseling as so have I.   We’ve all talked about it, dealt with it, and have closed that book.   See, it still sits there, in that corner, collecting dust, on pages and pages.  Cobwebs have surrounded it because that’s what it is….old…

I will not allow the children to hurt over this, and not allow anyone to intimidate them, nor scare them, nor threaten them in any way.  Children are not to be used in that way, and people that do that, have issues….

Please it is Ramadan, and what the children said, they meant it, as you heard from their own mouths.  It wasn’t something taught to them, nor recited, nor them programmed to say what they feel.  I’ve always told them, it was their decision, and their choice.  I wasn’t going to chase them around the house, nor force hold them to talk against their wishes, wills…it was out of their own.

They’re becoming older now with a lot of understanding of what is happening.  We should not sweep it under the rug, and pretend it doesn’t exist.  It does.  They’re well aware of it and I’m sure they need to know that.

But, to scare them or threaten them…see you’re not helping it all.  You’re making it worse.   Not only that, a setback of nightmares from them, back to square one, back to the beginning….of not trusting….so stop….

Again it’s Ramadan…take this time to realize that, take benefit in it.

I’ve reminded the kids to make lots of dua’ah this time….take the  blessings in it, and make lots of prayers…and usually since kids are good, their prayers are accepted faster, and which is why I’ve asked them to continue to keep at it.

Maybe…maybe……   the pranks will end.  Maybe, maybe….if Allah Wills.

Allah Knows Best, and if this is the way..then this is the way….

I love my new place.   I love the area, and just everything about it.

We feel safe.  No more feeling as if someone will come and take the kids away, kids no longer feel scared to go out and play.   

Kids should feel as if they’re safe without the worrying of some psycho coming after them.

Ramadan….is still here, only a few days left….told them to take advantage of that…. and they are….still……   dates after dates…iftars after iftars….sahur after sahur….one day after another….insha’Allah eid is coming up..

the celebrations and fun time too….   yet take on the blessings and reminders each day…



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