I’m almost done my 2 year diploma course as a Legal Office Administrator.

Just another couple of weeks left, and 6 exams to go.

A lot of changes in the last few months, all for the better.

I’m learning a lot, and gaining a lot of knowledge.  I’m benefiting a lot too.

I’m growing, and getting stronger by the day.  Despite all the negativity around me, and the stupidity of ignorance.   That won’t get me down, it’ll just make me stronger cuz I know I can do it.  

With my kids in tow with me, I splash my hands in the water.  I stomp my feet in the puddles as we get wet, and the sand in between our toes, the wind in our hair flowing, breezing by..the sun is shining brightly warm and sunny….. the clouds are fading away, no more gray sky…   the rain has stopped, as a rainbow forms.

time to start a fresh has begun……time to heal has set its place.

positive towards future life’s goals..  meeting new people…giving life a chance.

learning to trust again…

how about you?


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