I’ve been on t…

I’ve been on the 90 day challenge for the past 5 days.   I have to tell you I was skeptical at first.  The first time I heard and saw these videos was back in April, then again in July as the people that were promoting it to me were celebrities.  I thought to myself, ok but does it really work?  These celebrities could be paid for all I know.  How legit is this?

Then came, some of my friends that started up taking the challenge and talking about it.  It got me thinking, and doing research and clicking here and there.  Finally, I thought about it, and talked about it with several people on it.   

Me!  I don’t need to lose a lot of weight..   I’d like to have more energy though.  I’d like to get up in the morning and not have this massive migraine headache that I’ve been fighting for a few years now on and off.   It has to be more than stress related, because we all face that and it just has to be more to it.  Maybe it’s my diet, of what I’m eating or not eating, I’m eating too much, or not enough.  Maybe, it’s too much salt, too much grease, and too much sweets.  Maybe, it’s not enough fruits and vegetables though I do try to eat as much as possible, and even in the meat zone sticking to chicken and beef, but not a lot, just a bit here and there.

Maybe it could be several factors, not enough sleep, or exercise, or vitamins.   Though, I think it could be too much poison, too much in my body that needs to be detoxed and start living a healthier life.


How can I do that?  How can I go from where I am now, to that of what I wish to accomplish?  I have 3 months, which is 90 days.    I’ve completed  5 days so far, and so far it’s good.


I have to tell you the shakes, are simply amazing.  As they advertise they taste like cake batter.  I thought it was a joke, they were kidding.  But,no sure enough I open the package and it even smelled like cake batter.  It tasted like that.   I tried it several different ways, with just water and the shake mix.  Still good.  Water, shake mix, with ice.   good.  

Milk with shake mix, some frozen berries, some ice.   good.   Adding some vanilla chai latte powder, some pudding powder, and mixing the flavor package with it.  Good.

Just having it with plain milk and shake mix good.   Adding a banana to the mix, good, adding some organic baby spinach to the mix, mmm very good.   Adding some carrots to the mix, and adding whatever I can think of into the mix. 


This morning, I tried it with the berries, milk, a little bit of OJ, and some ice.     Later on that afternoon, I tried it with Cream soda, and the shake mix.


So far I’ve noticed, that I didn’t wake up this morning before noon with a massive headache, which is good because usually I have a bad one and I have to do things really quickly before resorting back to going back into the room for some quiet time.   But, I didn’t do that this morning.   It threw off everyone in the house as they were asking me why I was up so early, and if everything was ok.

Yeah it was more than ok.  I felt fine.   And as they were shocked as to why I wasn’t sleeping, or why or what happened to the headache.  I couldn’t explain it, just that it was not there that morning, or this morning.

Then, as I went on about my daily tasks, I did find that I was more energetic, and more feeling as to what my next shake would be like, and looking at all the recipes, as my mouth watered to what I’d try next.

I have 85 days after all and I have many, many, and many more days to go, and so many recipes to try out, experiment and experience with that it’s just great.


So, I end with this, and hope everyone has an awesome day.   And if you need more information, please contact me and I’ll get you in touch with taking the 90 day challenge with me.



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