Body by vi 90 day health challenge

Hey there,

It’s me again.  I’m on day 60 right now of my body by vi 90 day Health Challenge.


The company is called Visalus.   I am so happy to be apart of one of the fastest growing companies ever.  Did you know in 2010 this company made over $30 million in sales alone.  In 2011, the one that just past they made over $231 million dollars in sales!  That’s unbelievable, yet so true.   They have over 3,000 people joining the company, joining the challenge each day.  They give out over 25 free BMW’s each day.   They give out over $25 million dollars in free products to their customers, and the company is growing and getting bigger and bigger.




Because it works.


So many people are looking for something to get in shape with, get fit with, get more energy, lose weight, gain muscles, core their muscles, and just get their strength back from all the health problems happening around them from migraines, to chronic fatigue, to joint problems, and thyroid, cancer, diabetes, and so many other health issues.

It’s safe for children to take over 4 years of age, too much fiber is not good for their bodies, and if you must or want to give them the nutrition, just give them 1 tsp of it, but it’s safe enough for adults to take it and children over age 13 to take 2 scoops of this into your regular smoothie shake drink.  There are over a thousands different recipes to mix this into, not only a shake smoothie but into other foods too.

I’ve lost over 10 inches off my tummy, and I’ve lost 15 pounds.  I’m more focused though on the inches than the pounds.   I have energy, and I am really happy to be apart of this wonderful company that is growing so much.

We are hoping to hit a billion dollars in sales soon, and the company just keeps on growing.  They have their own magazine called the Challenge!    Once I get the magazine in, I’ll post it up here some parts of it and if you want to obtain your own copy I will tell you where you can get it.  Please watch the 20 minute overview video.

then check out my pages;  <- this one donates food to the needy children and families that are in need, especially when disaster strikes their homes, these shakes are meal replacements, and gives them enough nutrients that they need for that day to live off of until they can get themselves into a better situation, and it’s healthy for them it won’t kill them and it’s very good protein, fiber and all of that.   Just check the ingredients list, and you’ll see for yourself.  For only $24 you donate, the company will match that price and donate that same amount.  so not only will you donate 1 package of the shake to someone in need, but that the company will send another shake on top of that.  so instead of 30 meals they get 60 meals!


Please contact me, email me, or visit my site and fill out the contact info if you are ready to get on the health challenge with me, whether it’s 30 days, 60 days or 90 days.  It is a 90 day health challenge, though if you are willing to put in just 30 days you’ll see and notice a difference.   trust me on that.

and see you soon!



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