end of my 1st 90 day body by vi health challenge

So today is day 89, and tomorrow marks my day 1st day 90 of my 90 day health challenge from Body by vi, Visalus.

I cannot believe how fast time went and how quickly the progress went.   I enjoyed the shakes.  It wasn’t something I regretted, or something that I dread of taking.  It was something routine, that I looked forward to each morning waking up, and going to make my shake and wonder which new recipe to try out and which one to prepare for my families that also were on the challenge.

My migraines are gone completely, no longer suffering from them every single day for hours on end.   I’m thankful for that.  My allergies and asthma have cut back as well, I’m sure it’s from these shakes.  I have more energy, I’m making healthier choices and eating healthier which is great progress.

I still have another challenge to go, to lose more inches off my tummy and hips, waist area and focus on toning my muscles and getting fit and energy.    I shall start my 2nd 90 day challenge next week, hopefully when my free kit comes in.   That’s right, I said free kit!   My kit has been free since December and I’m pretty happy about that.


Feel free to check out the pictures, as well as visiting the following sites for more info on how to get onto the challenge, to improve your life, but improve your health for you.

get your life back on track, with making healthy choices, and eating well and drinking well.

You can start with these shakes that tastes like cake.  They really do.

http://overview.visalus.com    that’s the overview presentation, feel free to check it out here.  It’s approximately 22-24 minutes long.   When you get a chance to clear your head, just sit back and watch it.  Take notes if you must, and if you have any questions after watching it you can send it to me and I can be more than happy to answer it for you.


http://hinasyed.myvi.net  or http://hinasyed.myvi.net/challenge  Either one you can join the challenge, and get in on the opportunities and deals of earning your own free bmw, or earning cash, and winning cash prizes, and tons of contests happening.   This is also the site where to obtain info on the products, their nutritional facts, the list of ingredients and the costs.


There are testimonials on there, as well as what’s in the shakes to compare to all the other foods you’d have to take to benefit from.

be sure to also check out my youtube channel

ibyisamom is the channel and check out my challenge videos.

as well as stay tuned for my challenge you tube videos coming up soon.

and more video blogs of my food and recipes to come.

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and day 1 of the 90 day Challenge
Day 1 on my 90 day Body by vi Challenge!
Date: November 17, 2011

Weight: 120 pounds
Waist Line: 38″
Hips: 36″
Chest: personal lol.

Day 89 of the 90 day Challenge
Date Feb 16, 2012

Weight: 110 pounds..(yay)
Waist: 28″
Hips: 28″


stay tuned for 2nd 90 day challenge !



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