why I joined the Challenge my testimony

I am on my 2nd 90 day challenge, 51 days into it. My 1st 90 days health goal was for health improvement, and shaping up. I managed to lose 15 pounds, and 10 inches. I also no longer suffer from migraines, that I use to get daily that lasted for hours, that no medicine whether it was advil, tylenol, excredin, or aleve, nothing seemed to work, and i was taking the extra strength, severe for migraines, still the pain was happening. I was tired of popping pills i hated taking it but just having a temp relief was better for me to function. Going to the ER at least 6-8 times for something stronger, wasnt the option anymore. I was tired, going for MRI/Cat Scans, full physical check up on everything. Nothing was working, I did try to eat healthier and cut back on my junk intake, but still the pain was there..stress was blamed yet still the pain was there.


Until, my friend saw my statuses and suggested this. To me, I saw it as a weight loss had no plans to really lose a lot of weight, maybe shape down a bit..but my main focus was health improvement. and lets just say when you’re down at that moment in that pain you just go with the feeling that you wan tto try something and this is it. so, i went right into it… customer wise and promoter wise. and within a week my migraines were gone. i have bad allergies and asthma, haven’t really gotten majorly sick since then, my nails are growing faster, my hair is growing faster, and thicker, i have so much energy, unbelievable..it’s 1am and im posting this testimonial as if it was 1pm not am…


it’s just something you won’t want to miss out on.. these shakes really do taste like cake mix. they’re very nutritional, so good for you, and will help you get to your health goals whatever it is, you are doing this for you. i don’t know about you, whoever is reading this long long post of mine, hope it’s not boring you.. but i love the company, the products, getting them for free is a huge bonus plus…and the team. they’re so helpful, it’s not like i just signed up and they left me on my own. so many of them also on the challenge with their own goals are reaching out to me, helping me, encouraging me along the way, giving me the motivation and commitment to not give up and get going. you know at the gym class when your friends laugh at you as you fall down cuz you’re wiped but say get up, and move your ass get your results and start it now, it’s like that. we care about each other, we love seeing our own selves changing and really want to share that with everyone else. 🙂






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