This would be of benefit in both my blogs. This one and my http:the life by vi life.

I, Hina syed, was always conscious of myself. Growing up in a family in which you had certain expectations to follow just by the reputation in the community as a whole. So whatever I did reflected off everything. I involved myself in a lot of community service, volunteering myself and trying to set grounds of my life and how things should be. There was a lot of pressure and expectations from both ends. It’s only years later that I’m living to tell about it let alone breathe about it.

Being self conscious of myself I suffered low self esteem and insecurities. Me? Yes. Because of the certain image I had to live there was too much expectations.

When I was married too many things happening all at once. New town, new life, married And child expecting. Move away overseas to a place where no family support just how it was. Again I had to live by standards. Certain expectations. A rep u could say.

As the years flew by. From one place to another. One child after another. Soon enough with so many places I’ve lived in and met so many people again certain rep expectations.

When my marriage ended people had drawn their own conclusions as to why. As if our entire life rep was on display. It was what everyone wanted to know. Why!

As years r here people still question why. And as I’ve changed a lot for the better. I’m a lot stronger not an emotional wreck like I was. Again the rep plays a huge part.

Living wanting to live my life as I see fit. Raising my kids that same way. Family is in other ways due to rep again.

Certain expectations to live raise grand kids in ESP given my dire situation. Life sucks. I’ll give you that. Just have to take it slow. Continue to build that confidence wall in me and motivate myself to get through it. I’ve done an amazing job so far and I know with the past behind me it’s the future to look forward to.

Besides. Now that I love myself. My body slimming it I’m actually not caring what ppl say about seeing some skin.

Lol. Despite the spots of freckles, nerve spots or as one called me cafe o lay sprinkles or leopard. Either way it’s me.

So here’s to me how I am as you can see


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