Win a Chance to Win a Free Ipad for you and your friends

Win a Chance to Win a Free Ipad for you and your friends


I  wonder how legit this is.  I get the most awesome deals from this site, from hair style salons, to spa workouts, you know the kind that offers body wrap massages of seaweed aloe vera and dead sea chocolate masks, to acupuncture, and manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, and restaurant deals.

Being a single mom or being someone that likes to find a deal for your money’s worth has always been my calling.  From the time when my kids were younger, I’d always be on Ebay finding all these book lots for them to set up a library so they’d have it at a great low cost and real bargain.  Then I’d stumble upon other sites like Amazon, and deal finds, groupon and all to find amazing deals for products and items at a great low cost.

I was able to book a hotel at a great deal, for $99 a night when the regular price was usually $300 or so a night because it’s a spa resort, or I’d find restaurant deals such as from Mississauga News Auction, of $50 gift certificates for as low as $5 that I’d pay and this was a way I’d treat out my kids, or my family relatives or friends such as Ming Room great thai/chinese food, and places like Tucker’s Marketplace of an all you can eat buffet.   Then there would be other amazing deals as well.

something worth checking out and see.


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