nothing wrong with this one should say so otherwise.

me sept 2012

Attending an event on the weekend.

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It seems these 3 pictures caused a few people to be upset with me.

Upset because my pictures are inappropriate, because my arms are showing. ¬† INappropriate because I’m wearing a KILLER outfit, tank top dress.

Oh I see. ¬†Hmm. ¬† ¬†Thanks for letting me know you’re not too keen with my outfits or choices of wardrobe. ¬† Thank you for encouraging me to continue on and wear it without you telling me what I can and cannot wear as it’s my decision. ¬† Same goes with my work, if you disagree with the pictures being posted about me promoting the challenge, and you do not like to see the men baring their 6 pack chest, or muscles and women in their sports bra, and exercise outfit or bathing suits. ¬† I’m sorry but not going to take them down because you’re not comfortable with it or dislike it. ¬†If it means I lose you as a friend on FB and in real life, probably means we prob didn’t or wouldn’t get along if you had that such in you to treat me as so.




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