You are worth something more than u know and realize. Key point. Never let anyone including yourself doubt your abilities and skills. Don’t allow that part of you that thinks you can’t do that or be that way. Don’t allow how others see you and treat you change you.

For the life of me the way I am now is how I am. How I was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years and all was me. Still me. Long hair, short hair, permed, dyed and covered or not. Me. Wearing my full sleeved loose clothing dresses and now short sleeved sleeveless tanks, mini skirts. Still me.

Not to impress anyone well not really. Not doing it for anyone other than myself. Wanting to get a facial. My hair done is my prerogative. Me wanting to strut down the street in my skin tight jeans, shake it up t shirt still me.

The ones that feel concerned for me don’t be. The ones that feel pity stop. The ones that wonder when should just stop. Me, my life, my business, my body.
Just like you, your life, your business, your body.

I will not pry into ur life to gossip and entertain myself I ask the same in return. We as humans should give each other that respect and benefit of the doubt.

Everything we do is a personal choice of what we decide
Me writing this blog not caring who reads it because do not appreciate being told to sweep it under the rug. And feel bad about how things are and how I am now. Say what?

I’ve realized you can be so nice to ppl. But when it comes down to it. Either people appreciate you, value you, respect you, care for you, or they loathe you. Seeing you express yourself hurts them. And when you feel down they feel great that you’re just as miserable as they are. And u hear these ones for truly what they are.

A couple of years ago my grandmother suffered a massive stroke paralyzing her. So one person, a friend. Almost like family but then maybe not said be ready to say your goodbyes she’s going to die. This is the reality she’s not going to make it. Six months passed. My grandmother strong as can be alive and well. Friend says. How can that be? She should be gone. I think what the hell? She should be happy. But so much bitterness, resentful. And I realize why I didn’t see this earlier.

I had to let it go. Her go. I didn’t need ppl telling me even if life is over that u should give up. Hell who says that? I’ll fight it with every breath and strength. That’s my motto.

When ppl tell u hey u should not do this or that. Ask them why. Thank them for their concerns. But why shouldn’t u?

If I want to work and do this that’s me. And if I want to teach my kids this again me. And if I want to have a lot of friends from all over again me.

Do not be afraid
Do not allow others to mistreat you, talk down on you
Be strong as you are, confident, good hearted and life will pick up and continue in the right direction.




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