fruitberriestrifle1berriestrifle3 fruitberriestrifle1 berriestrifle2Trifle:

trifle. It’s a sweet dessert. In the bottom layer of the trifle dish, I added jello. In the jello I added cake, that I used the vi-cupcakes in. then the 2nd layer is pistachio pudding (found in grocery stores as instant pudding powder), mixed with crushed pineapples (drained). Then the 3rd layer is another layer of jello, again with vi-cupcakes pieces in it. Then the 4th layer is pistachio pudding again. Then the last layer is fat-free cool whip ( i use to use the reg or light one…) then it’s decorated with sliced fruits, which are bananas, kiwi, blackberries, strawberries. sometimes you can also add pineapple slices, and cherries, raspberries, and blueberries. There’s another few pictures in my Food Gallery with different flavors of jello and pudding too. takes a good 5-6 hours or so to make.

Exact recipe for it:

2 packages of jello, pick flavor….red, and green in the above picture. (cherry, and banana/ lime flavor)
2 packages of any pudding flavor, I used pistachio, but vanilla pudding works fine too. (chocolate usually doesn’t work cuz of the jello doesn’t go good with that.
then 1 cool whip fat free or low light or regular tub
1 can crushed pineapples, drained
1 white angel food cake, or lemon cake or sponge cake… cut them into pieces…or use vi-cupcakes… 🙂

fruit for decoration at the top /berries.


1. in the bottom of a trifle dish. Add prepared jello before it sets to the bottom of the dish. Add the cake pieces inside, covering the entire bottom dish. Refrigerate until it sets about an hour or so.
2. Prepare pudding according to package directions, which is usually 2 cups of cold milk, mixed with the pudding.. add the drained crushed pineapples to it. Mix it up. Add it as the 2nd layer to the trifle dish on top of the set jello. Let it refrigerate for a good 10-15 minutes or so until that sets.
You can clean up in the meantime so it’s not a huge mess to clean up…:D check your FB, and twitter while at it.
hey take pictures of something.. 🙂
be creative…do your blog, or youtube…:)

3. then prepare 3rd layer of jello according to package directions…. add this on top of the pudding layer. add some more cake pieces to that. Let that set in fridge for another hour.

4. Prepare pudding according to directions, you don’t need anything in this mix, unless you want to add something, up to you…i left it alone. Add this on top of the jello layer..make sure jello is set before adding pudding.

5. Let the pudding set again for another 15-20 minutes.

Clean up all the necessary stuff….cut up the berries, and fruit… sliced bananas, slice strawberries, and black berries.

Sometimes I’ll use raspberries, cherries, can’t cut blueberries. but slice kiwi, and sliced pineapple rings, and cherries works real well..

Take out cool whip.

Spread that on top of the pudding layer….MMMM…
then decorate the fruit /berries on top.

Saran wrap it…no wait! Take a picture, or two, or three of the different layers, and the top of your masterpiece.
Then saran wrap it, refrigerate till ready to eat.

feeds a good 10-20-30 ppl….

OH yes.
you can add vi-shake mix a little each in the pudding layers! and also in the vi-cupcakes. and also with the whip cream! makes it all vi-food friendly!

till next time!


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