Recipe: Tiger Soup

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Assalamu alaikum wr wb

There is a story behind the name of this recipe that I’m about to share.  I’m a huge soup making fan, from scratch so I told my children, my boys that this soup that I had prepared was called : “Tiger Soup!”   It’s similarly like the story of “Button soup”  or “Stone soup”. 

It does not mean it’s made from Tigers.   But, that the vegetables inside, mainly the grated carrots and fried onions would resemble the stripes of the tiger, and the healthy vegetables, chicken if I’m using meat, and spices would give them strength like a tiger would be.

This made them love the soup even more, and more determined to eat it whenever I’d prepare it.

I’m about to share the recipe with you, in hopes that you too can pass on the same tradition to your own families, and their families and your…

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