Fruit Trifle Dessert 

Buy a cake box any kind. Make as per directions.  Bake it and cut into squares and let it cool.   

In a large bowl or trifle bowl add cake pieces and 

1st layer of jello according to package directions.  Pour over cake pieces. Refrigerate for an hour.   

2nd layer time. Prepare jello as per package.  

Pour over jello.  Let it set in fridge for an hour.   Go check your social media sites, browse and wait.   

Prepare pudding instant. Pick your own flavors.  I chose pistachio and lemon. 

Follow directions and mix the pudding separately in a bowl.  Add 1 can of drained crushed or tidbits pineapples.   

Refrigerate for an hour.  Go continue check your messages. Feed kids. Water plants. Sweep floor, clean up mess. 

Prepare other layer of jello pudding instant in bowl.  Whisk it well. Pour over othe  pudding.  Refrigerate for an hour.    

Looking all pretty.  Add 1/2-1 tub of cool whip over pudding.   

Cut up some berries slice it and kiwi and grapes slice them too. Decorate.  If you have bananas and other berries and oranges and more pineapple slices and cherries these are good too.    

Look at th layers.  Take pics.  

Saran Wrap and refrigerate and pray your son and his friends don’t eat it by accident as it waits for the party to be eaten.   

Thank you.   🙂 

Please like, comment and share this recipe.  Let me know how yours turned out. 



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