Vision dream goals 

So true! What’s your vision?Does anyone here have dream / vision boards? And a live list aka bucket list? What are your life goals and thoughts?  

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Healthy dinner 

🍓 Berries salad 🥗 

🌶 Tandoori Chicken 🍗 

🥕 Steamed & lightly sauteed veggies with potatoes 🥔 with garlic herbs 🌿 

  1. Chop up berries and set in plate to the side 
  2. Cook chicken with tandoori masala and spices according to your own taste or add your own chicken mix.  
  3. Lightly steam 1-2 cups of veggies while lightly sautéing bell peppers and onions.  
  4. Add to the pan with bell peppers. 
  5. Add 1cup chicken broth. In meantime cut up potatoes and also steam for 6 minutes. 
  6. Then add to the pan. Mix it well. 
  7. Drain the veggies til all the water is out. 
  8. Add garlic herb seasonings, coriander herbs seasonings, black pepper and pink salt & some olive oil.   
  9. That’s it. It’s ready. 
  10. Serve.