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My name is Hina Syed. I am a 41 year old woman, divorced- single mom with 3 children, Ibrahim, Isa and Daliyah. Ibyisaliamom is my blog about my life, and recipes and much more. The name comes from all my 3 children’s nicknames and me being their mom.

I am living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I completed college in Office Administrations Legal in April 2010. I worked in various of places and ended up working in a school with nutritional breaks & recess & as well as a home business self employeed with ViSalus, a weightloss and fitness company, promoting the Challenge, health improvement and encouragement of a good positive lifestyle. Other than that I’m supporting myself and my children as it’s just us to face the world and survive and live.

My family is behind me, helping me and supporting me. I have a lot of friends as well helping me through this.

I pray that I get through this and Allah guides me, and protects me and protects my children as well.
If you need to know more, ask me, and visit my site http://thelifebyvilife.com (hinasyed.bodybyvi.com) and http://thelifebyvilife2.com (hinasyed.myvi.net/thankyou.html)  and http://HinaSyed.NeonEnergyClub.com

5 thoughts on “About Me

    • ibyisaliamom says:

      To Sarita>I just find time to adjust and squeeze in whatever I can….through multi-tasking…
      and doing the best I can.
      yet it can get hectic.
      and it can get to this boiling part in which I think I can take an overload of too many things in such a little time..that’s when panic stirs about and trouble begins.
      i just hope that doesn’t hapen during my study mode, crunch time of my final exams in 3 days…
      make dua’ah i get through them.
      you just do what you can..and thank Allah for grandparents…my parents that is..
      who have helped a lot….plus my other relatives too..

      it’ll be worth it though.

      if someone told me ten years ago, this is where i’d be..i wouldn’t believe them. if ppl told them this is how i would turn out..i wouldn’t believe them.
      we can be the same as we were the rest of our lives..but when it’s time for a change..you should embrace it than pretend it doesn’t exist as if it’s best for you.it’s best for you.
      maybe make you a stronger person..maybe help make someone else get through with you.

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