Hina’s World: Strawberry Banana Orange Neon Vi-Shake


You are probably wondering how or why I came up with this recipe above and instructions below;     I had the Tropicana juice in my fridge and figured I may as well try it in my shake and see how it tastes; that was yesterday’s experiment, not bad at all, I’ll share the recipe of that later, however today it was ok, I need energy, I need my shake, I can definitely combine the two.  But, how about combining that juice too.  It was definitely delicious yesterday, it can definitely work.   As I was imagining how it would look like, down to the last core of what I would add and what not.

So, that’s exactly how it played out.  So yeah, I got my shake, yeah I got my energy with the Neon too.   PLUS:  It tastes amazing!  Amazing, truly fantastic, incredible.  You just have to try this and see for yourself.

Now I know there are other variations you could add instead of the below; and play around with it, you’ve got the vi shake mix in your hands, and hopefully you’ve tried the Neon too, if not then definitely message me and I’ll hook you up to getting some Neon in your fridge today.    But; I think if I do need more energy tomorrow or later on tonight; I’ll try adding the lemon Neuro or Raspberry Neuro, or even try adding the Vi-Defy, or Go or Pro to it and seeing how those plan out in the recipe like below.     Mind you, I’ve already experimented with the whole Neuro, Vi-Defy, Pro and Go in a shake and those were amazing too.  I’ve even added some supergreens into it because I needed that extra kick.

This is a definite must try once in a lifetime kind of moment, or if you really enjoy it like I do, something you can have everyday.   For those that do not want to use the Tropicana version, then I highly recommend using fresh strawberries or frozen ones, and real bananas, and real freshly squeezed orange juice for it instead and I’m sure it’ll taste even better.

Now; I do not know about you; but I’m going to go back and finish some things up, while enjoying this nice, cold, refreshing drink.

Strawberry Banana Orange Neon Vi-shake


8oz strawberry orange banana juice
2 scoops vi shake
1 can neon
some ice
1/2 cup frozen strawberries or fresh


1. In a large blender, add strawberries and the strawberry orange banana juice. Blend until smooth.
2. Add ice, and vi shake mix. blend again.
3. Pour into a huge bottle like below. Add can of neon. do not stir or shake or mix, it’ll settle in on its own.
4. serve, enjoy. you can add some fresh slices of lemon, lime, and more strawberries here.

Order some right here and try for yourself this recipe and the other 1,000 recipes of the Vi-Shakes or even the new recipes coming up with the Neon Energy Drink.
http://thelifebyvilife.com  for the Challenge & http://neon.vi.com (For those in Canada go to the Neon website) and enter in 1070174 as your referer to order some Neon today!      and welcome to the Challenge!

Hina’s World: Mashed Butternut Squash with Fiesta Nut Vi-Bites & Walnuts

Very simple easy recipe to make.

Take a butternut squash, place it in the oven on a baking sheet on 450’F for about 45 minutes.    Remove, and cut into slices, and remove the skin around it.         Place it back in the oven for another 15-20 minutes.    Remove and in a bowl, mash it up, add 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1 Tbsp brown sugar, 2 scoops of vi shake mix or any protein mix you prefer.   Mash it up.
Then add the Vi Bites – Fiesta Nut on top, and walnuts; and serve.   You can add other things, whatever you like.     This was very tasty, and another way to have the shakes.

Hina’s World: Believe in yourself and continue to Inspire Others

It seems videos like this is definitely the key needed to give you that push to really believe in yourself and really soar into becoming better role model and better person, within the community and around.

Interesting incident that happened earlier at my daughter’s school as some of the children recognized me as my daughter’s mom, and how they were inspired, motivated by my Youtube Channel, and how they loved the videos, from the recipes, to the kids adventures, to even my workout videos, my inspiring videos of wishing everyone a fantastic, awesome day.   It just got me thinking, here are these 2nd graders, 3rd graders, and all the way to the 5th grade, and even the kindergarten kids that are very inspired and motivated by what you do, that they too are all into wanting to be good to each other, and wish each other well.  Makes you appreciate the fact that not many kids really appreciate that, or see the value in that.   And when you see more people really believing in themselves, and also in you, you tend to really appreciate what you do, not because it’s this image you’re living in their eyes.  But, because of what you do matters and makes this huge impact in their lives into making a difference, and making a difference has always been my main motto since day 1.

so I hope this video inspires you, to believe in yourself more to continue to shine and uplift each other into a positive vibes to share with others.

Thanks- Have an incredible weekend all!

Social Media Network Sites


Which social media sites do you frequent on the most?

Mine vary between Facebook being the one I usually go to first, then Twitter, InstaGram, Pinterest, Tsu, and my blogs!

I would say maybe once or twice a week I’ll take a peek into LinkedIn.  But, I’m mainly frequenting on my Facebook, and InstaGram!

I have been looking more into blogging again, as this is what I did before Facebook came out.

I remember when my children were younger, I would blog about their adventures, and the stunts they would pull on me and how it would just drive me insane, and it was great to jot it all down and read back on it.

I didn’t have many people to relate back then, as many did not have children, or the ones that did, just didn’t really rant, or rave about it like I did.

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Here are the other sites I frequent on; feel free to follow me there;

Fan FB Biz Page: facebook-button


https://www.facebook.com/makeadifference.tips facebookfanpage

The 1st one is my Biz Fan page, though the 2nd one is my Social Media Network Page.  It’s where I share all my business, network articles, ranging in from business tips, to network of social media site tips on, to positive, inspiring, and motivating quotes. I am trying to bring more activity and participation in that.

PINTEREST:   pinterest-logo

Pinterest is one of the first ones, I checked out and got so busy pinning away all these boards.

I remember needing to invite others on here before they could easily register for this, same like Gmail, you couldn’t just get a Gmail account, unless someone else had one, and they could invite you to get it.

I think I might need to declutter some as it’s a lot of pins.   There are some that I created myself and added in there as well, as they range in from different ones, especially the recipes that I share, with video clip from Youtube, or the pictures from the blog.  Great tool to use & have.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram

WEBSTA: websta

InstaGram and Websta are the same one.   However, the Websta is what I can use from my own PC to get to my Instagram, and view the posts, like, comment, and even edit my own posts.

If only they would add in the feature to upload pictures from there.  I think because it’s fairly new, they might be still working on that.

GOOGLE + :Google-Plus-Logo-650x318

Google + or Google Plus is another one that I use, and still building and connecting with friends on there.  A lot of people that I have connected with on there, is also my friends on FB, or people that I follow.

There is a handful of them, that are NOT connected with me on FB, because they do not have it, and thus have a Gmail so they are using their Google Plus.     This is still fairly new, and not much activity, or participation.  Would love to bring in more comments in here, other than likes and such.   I do like that it is connected with the Youtube.


I’ve had Youtube for a few years now, it would range in from video blog sharing of recipes, to my kids adventures.

Funny thing is, just recently I had to do a huge de-clutter or hiding/private of these family videos; because my kids were no longer wanting me to air out their kids stunts, and adventures.  hey, these are cute memories.

But, last thing they want is their classmates pointing out, their “Eye of the Tiger” singing contest, or dancing to a techno song and doing all sorts of flips and boogeying on cam.   Or as kids, taking a forever long time to finish eating their dinner, so I had to take a 2 min video to show their stubbornness.   🙂

However, I have been doing some other motivating clips, wishing everyone to have a pleasant week, or weekend!

I find doing these once a week, not only uplifts me to having a better week, but also I see it inspiring others to have that motivation, to do it for themselves.  Even if they are not ready to air it out for all to see just yet.

They are appreciative to see that I am always making sure they are not giving up on themselves.

TWITTER: twitter

This is connected with the content I post on my InstaGram and my FB.  I try to make sure not to overlap, though sometimes if I’m sharing on there, it’ll automatically go into my Twitter.

Even Pinterest and Tsu, to uncheck where Twitter is.      I do not like some retweets that comes in, makes me want to go and unfollow some because of their crude tweets that are inappropriate, well at least for me.  Last thing I want to see is some celebrity booty drunk dance or something related like that.

LINKEDIN: linkedin

This one I’m still playing around with, I mainly go here to share some business tips.  I do see a lot of opportunities or people asking me to join their network marketing company.
I remember one guy who insisted he had met me at some ceremony opening.  He had insisted I was at the ribbon cutting and cake cutting.  I kept telling him he had the wrong person, and I was not ever in his neck of the woods.  I think though, that was his tactic to use, to introduce himself and show what he had to offer.  Which wasn’t what I was looking for, so he stopped pushing, and now his email says “user disabled”.  

I would like to know how to block a user from there from viewing your account like you could on your other places.

BLOGS: wordpress-logo-680x400

These are my blogs.  My personal one is this one, which many wonder what it means.    First off my oldest son’s name is Ibrahim like Abraham.  He’s called Iby for short (Abe) which is where the first part of my blog starts Iby.   Isa is my 2nd son’s name, so Isa.   Then, Daliyah is my daughter, and the last part of the name lia.    And me being the mom, is where the name comes from.

I did think about doing my name, but for years and years it has always been me known as either IbysMom, or Ibyisamom, and then Ibyisaliamom.

Even, when I first started using the Internet, I was known online as Hijabi (Scarfi) on Blades way back in the mid 90’s.  😀    Hence the name stuck to how it is.

TSU : Tsu_logo

This is a new social media site, that I joined in the Fall, that pays you to socialize, share, like and comment.

There’s a limit though of how many posts you can share, and comment, and like on.  I really do not spend too much time there, as most of the content in there is short, and plus I really do not like connecting with random people, especially if all they can say to me is, “hello madam.” “Hello ma’am.”  and it’s the same message on repeat.

I am happy to say just after 6 months of using it, that I’ve made 81 cents so far. hehehe.   I know others that have found ways around it, and made their first $50 on it.  Me, I think quality is more important than quantity.


Muds/BBS but have not gone there in years.


I remember having a Myspace, and some other ones though it’s been awhile since I’ve gone so my accounts might be deactivated or inactivity.

  1. What are the social media sites you go on frequently?
  2. Which ones do you like the best?
  3. which is the least one you go on?
  4. Do you have a personal one or business one?

Share, in the comments!

Thanks for reading!